Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Nice Weekend

Today was another nice day. Uncle C was in town, so we had a barbeque on the back patio; Grandma has embarked on a home improvement plan over the last few months since we got here, and besides reinstalling the swingset, she helped us get the sandbox and play house, got new railings put on the raised patio and new outside furniture. Neat, hey? So, we bbq'd.

Today, they went to a baby naming while I exercised and played video games with Uncle C. After a violently needed nap time, we went to the comic book store, Coffeebucks, and park - a different park, this time. Fun! The Boy climbed up a ladder and went down slides, and Younger Bro enjoyed the slides.

Tomorrow, we have The Meeting with the oncology team about The Boy's future. I know that this is a different sort of meeting than the last couple: the original "Your Kid Has Cancer," then the "Cancer Relapsed," then the "His Health Sucks and We Need to Talk About It" one. We've got a bunch of questions: other side effects both medium and long term of his chemo, possibility of unanticipated hospitalizations now that he's off-treatment, immunization resumption for The Boy and YB, travel restrictions for summer break, and the possibility of things like gymnastics or baby classes and preschool.

Anything else we're missing? Scan schedules, obviously. How long he'll be on his current meds. Possibility of worsening symptoms in other health aspects. The form that the next phase of kidney deterioration will take. How to recognize relapses of they're starting.

Sigh. He's been so nice and fun for the last couple of days! I don't want to think about the other stuff.

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