Sunday, April 18, 2010

Restless Weekend

This was truly a weekend-on-the-go! Since Friday, we've driven back and forth from Washington, DC, and I've even sung a quartet gig. Not a lot of sleep or rest this weekend, which isn't exactly a bad thing. The Boy has slept a decent amount, which is good because he's growing.

The Wife and I had an interesting conversation in the car on Friday: we're going to have to start paying attention to The Boy's diet! While he was on treatment, we wanted him eating everything possible. It didn't matter if he ate a lot of sugars and starches, because he needed lots of calories for his body to recover from the torture it was experiencing. Now? We want to mitigate the dietary habits before they become bad. Less juice, more water. Keep the sweets out of the house except for special occasions (like using the potty, which happened again today). Begin pushing veggies. While it's nice that he loves noodles and ketchup, and cheese, it's time to diversify. Less chips, more other stuff.

My toiletry bag is finally unpacked, for the first time since, literally, April of 2009. There's suddenly lots more room on the bathroom countertop. Weird. Between that and the thought that we can go away for the summer....

The Boy is developing definite tastes in music. On the trip this weekend, he only wanted to listen to two things: "Woody and Buzz song," which was You've Got A Friend In Me, performed by a wonderful barbershop quartet on their children's album: Max Q, For the Children. The other song? "Bad Horse," from Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog. Good taste, that boy, but hard to explain to his teachers. We did play other music, but it was a challenge.

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