Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Special Boy...

I know that most parents believe their kids are special, but The Boy truly is one in a million. He's just... well, keeping such a peaceful, loving, fun attitude about life even through his adversity really gives me hope about the future for him.

Today, we were playig with the driveway chalk in the front of the house when The Boy got bored and decided to take his wagon (the little yellow one from Erik that holds his chalk) for a walk. We walked down a couple of houses, when he stopped and ran into the yard. He approached some flowers ("Oooh... Daddy, purple flowers!"), took a big sniff, and said, "Mmmmmmmm!!!"

This is cute becausethe flowers were odorless and about five feet away from him.

He proceeded to exam this bed of tiny purple flowers before excitedly pointing out the one white flower in the middle. He examined the flowers around their whole lawn and garden, including squeezing past their cars to get to the edge of the driveway. When I wouldn't let him in the backyard to putter about, he engaged in passive resistence and flopped bonelessly to the lawn. I walked away and hid behind a bush until he noticed I was gone and came looking.

When I dumped him on his bed a little while later, he started leafing through his books and reading the stories out loud to himself - well, the memorized parts, anyway. Tonight, he wanted an excerpt from Mary Poppins (the Uncle Albert bit from the actual book) twice, "Goofy, Movie Star," Spider-Man and his Friends, and the Ralph Cosentino Batman: The Story of the Dark Knight before quickly falling asleep.

Funny, special boy.

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Sarah R said...

He's so sweet! He reminds me of my Andrew... ♥