Monday, April 19, 2010

Typical Monday

So, I left for work around 6:20 this morning - stopped off at the gym before heading Downtown to teach. The boys played a little bit of whack-a-mole with Mommy in the early morning, popping awake at random times for random reasons. Lucky her.

The Boy went into the clinic to get counts today. His hemoglobin was a little bit low on Friday, but they didn't transfuse because he was Little Crazy Man. It was higher this afternoon, so we're clear. After clinic, Mommy took the boys to the park until I was ready to be picked up at the bus station.

When we got home, I had some nice play time with both boys. Younger Bro has been much more interested in me lately, and we had a nice bonding session as he ascended the stairs. That boy loves him some stairs... The Boy behaved like a two year old at dinner, freaking out about everything, but we had some nice Thomas with Daddy time after. Then I went to sing.

Tomorrow, same schedule, without the clinc visit, and it's Mommy's turn to go out and play. The Boy is now talking in his sleep, so I'm going to snuggle a little bit and keep him calm.

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