Friday, April 2, 2010

Where've we been?

Longest gap of time since I've started blogging was from March 22nd to yesterday. As all of us lapsed bloggers say, I meant to say lots of stuff... but, you know how life gets.

Work's been a bit of a killer. I'm struggling my hardest to learn the curriculum, learn the students and their names (not my strength), learn the school, learn the public transportation system, write lesson plans, create learning materials, learn the school's technology, etc. Tough time for me, but things are going reasonably well. Today, I graded a stack of papers about six inches thick. It took me a couple of hours.

We had an unanticipated hospital stay last week - a two-day affair because of blood in The Boy's urine. That's obviously quite concerning, considering that his remaining kidney is already under incredible stress. The condition cleared itself up quite quickly, resulting in only one night in the hospital.

We obviously didn't make counts last week, at all. It was platelets.

Passover was spent in Harrisburg, at Aunt M's house. It was a wonderful, wonderful time! Their house is wonderfully set up for kids and for visitors: we had the entire third floor of the house, which consists of two bedrooms and a bathroom. The Boy had access to the basement, with a play house and a bunch of little person toys. He was in heaven! He came to the Seder tables with us when he wanted, and played when he didn't. We left on Wednesday morning to get to the clinic for admission for what turned out to be... well... no chemo.

We had several nice afternoons, last week, of going to the park after work. The Boy has been going down the big slides for the first time, which is awesome. He's also had a great time with the swing set, which has been ported back to our house here in Pittsburgh from our old house in New Jersey.

More reactions later. Our heads and our hearts are still spinning.

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