Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Good Sign

On Sunday, The Boy woke from his nap and had bedhead - you know, where your hair gets wonky and bent out of shape while you sleep! We're pretty happy about that, for the obvious reason (namely, that he has hair). It's not long yet, but it looks kind of crew cut length.

He's been spending a lot of time pantsless, as we've discovered that he's slightly more likely to go to the potty when it will run down his leg than get caught in underpants. That doesn't stop him from pooping on the floor, but it helps.

He does do the annoying thing of going when he feels he isn't receiving enough attention, like when Mommy's on the telephone with New Jersey about a car title transfer. Sigh. Again, nice, normal toddler problems are good things.

Last night, The Boy decided to stay awake until Daddy got home from singing. And for another couple of hours afterwards. Sigh. Midnight bedtime, the night after I was awake for the Lost finale. Not fun.

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Elana said...

Yahoo for hair!!!!