Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good start to the day!

For the second morning in a row, both boys were waking as I left for the gym at 6am. Lucky Mommy! Anyway, long story short, she changed Younger Bro while I soothed The Boy, and she took over both boys as I left.

I got an excited phone call an hour and a half later: The Boy had taken himself downstairs while Mommy was in the shower; by itself, not a big deal. He had no pants or diaper on, which is funny as heck. Anyway, Mommy came downstairs to find him rooting through the drawer in the bathroom for a pair of underpants.

Sigh. Where's the puddle?

But, no! He had taken himself to Elmo potty, sat down, and did his business! The pee was in the potty, not on the floor, and he did it all on his own!

I'm so proud of him. Now, this is a start of a day which will hopefully bring the news of clean scans. We've already had the good news of reduced medicines - lower enalapril. Maybe we'll lose the bicarbonate entirely!

(Is it weird that bicarbonate and enalapril come up in iPhone's autocorrect? Pictured below: The Boy and Carmine, from Sunday.)

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