Monday, May 24, 2010

Zoo Time

Yesterday morning, we took advantage of a beautiful day: we went out to breakfast, then went to the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. We bought a family membership there earlier this month; our home is a ten-minute drive from the zoo, so it is a place that, theoretically, we could go on a regular basis. For the four of us, it cost $40 to get in; a membership is $60. Ergo, membership.

It's neat to watch the progression of The Boy's awareness as time goes on. He's fascinated by the animals nowadays. The elephants were his favorites, although he enjoyed the lions as much. The fish in the aquarium were a huge hit as well; watching him run from window to window saying, "Wow!" "Wow!" "Wow!", was something else.

After we ran the boys around the zoo for a few hours, we all came home and napped for a while. I heart family naps, even if The Boy took a long time to fall asleep. Whatever.

Interesting social interactions: The Boy now will walk up to people and say, "How are you doing?" When asked the same question, he responds, "Doing well!" It's very cute. Only issue is that he hasn't developed volume in his voice yet; his conversation can be missed unless you're paying close attention to him.

He also will say, "Hello, nice to see you!" and stick his hand out to shake. That's funny because he does it to Mum and Daddy when he's been with us the whole time. Children's social interactions are fascinating, because it takes the action entirely out of context while the child is learning proper social mores. More on that when I'm not on an iPhone and a bus.

Thanks go to The Wife, who graciously allowed me the privelege of watching the Lost finale last night. She didn't have to, but i'm glad she did. It was worth it; a satisfying conclusion to a masterful show. Did they explain it all? Heck, no. Not even most of it. That's okay by me. We got the important stuff, and it was nice closure for all of the characters I love.

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