Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This week is the International Barbershop convention & competition. It's in Philadelphia. This is interesting, because, three years ago, we were immensely excited about having the convention so close. 3 years: a pregnant wife, house in New Jersey, a great job for The Wife, and unemployment for me. Sigh.

We're obviously not at the convention right now, but it is on the television through the Society's webcast. It's very nice, with a quality picture and sound. I've seen my friends sing, and we even got an email read to Round Midnight, barbershop friends of ours. The first round of the quartet competition runs from 10am to about 11pm, so we're watching a little bit in between boy times.

We've gone to the park, and we went to the comic book store, and we had some nap time. Nothing too exciting, although I was rearended in our car while parallel parking by a recent immigrant who didn't understand American parallel parking. Great. Just got the car back from the body shop, and it's going back in. No one's hurt, and it isn't cancer, so we're good.

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