Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Coming Attractions

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks, here at the Musical household. There's lots of stuff in the hopper right now, fortunately. Our transition to summer, as with everything else, will hit the ground running.

This weekend, aside from a singing job (in which I just discovered that I'm singing in a quartet), we're going to take The Boy to see Toy Story 3. It'll be his first-ever movie, so we're planning an 11 am matinee, with some explore-the-room time built in. Should be fun, if he doesn't sleep through it.

Sunday is father's day, and we're going to see the Pittsburgh Pirates. Surprising as it seems, tickets are still available for the ballgame. I don't expect to stay for 9 innings with The Boy, but it'll be fun anyway.

Next week, I'm going to take the boys to the toddler storytime at the JCC. Fun!

On the 27th, we're going to the Kennywood amusement park, as Grandpa's business has a family day.

We've also been given tickets to a local waterpark, to go along with the JCC family park. Lots of swimming for my little fishies, methinks.

Today & tomorrow left in school, then i'm done, folks. w00t!

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Sarah R said...

You're a brave man! I couldn't dream of taking Andrew to a movie. He would run around the whole time. He.can't.sit.still.