Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daddy do it!

A couple of quick hits while I sit with The Boy in a more-or-less vain hope that he falls asleep:

Younger Bro has a truly evil little cackle, mostly when he's smacking his older brother while he sleeps. I shouldn't enjoy that as much as I do, but a good evil laugh takes time. You can't neglect the laugh, you know? It's about standards.

He definitely gets it from me. Just ask former students.

The Boy does the cover-your-eyes thing with his hands when he's protesting something. It's really quite funny, but that's one of those parent moments where you can't laugh. What are you thinking, kid - "Oh, crap. Where'd The Boy go? I guess we have to stay at the pool now." I think not.

The nighttime stories chosen tonight: "Friday Night Fun," starring Lightning McQueen and Mater; "Meet the Super Hero Squad;" and the Mary Poppins story with Uncle Albert and the floating tea.

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