Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The Wife picked me up from work today, instead of letting me take the bus. It's nice when she does, because it's more relaxing to be in the car with her and the boys than on the public bus. One of the really funny bits? The Boy was asleep, and Younger Bro wasn't. YB started to grab at The Boy. When The Boy didn't respond, YB began to cackle evilly and whack him on the head.

It would go, whack! Cackle. Whack! Cackle. Whack! Cackle. Eventually, The Boy got fed up with it and leaned toward the other end of his car seat. Didn't distract his brother, who proceeded to whack his arm repeatedly. The Boy eventually woke up enough to holler at his brother and fall back asleep.

I'm noticing a certain air of deviousness in the little person. It's really quite entertaining. His older brother is stronger and more physically capable, so he's developing some cunning in order to keep up. Heck, YB even managed a nice takedown in the kitchen when The Boy tried to take his toy.

On a lighter note, we had a nice set of horsey rides tonight - first time in a week that my back let me do the horsey thing without screaming in pain. We even had both boys on my back, briefly; not the safest thing, as YB doesn't understand "hold on or fall down go boom." And, I showed The Boy some Bugs Bunny cartoons, which he really enjoyed.

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