Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Extraordinaire

My wife and I don't gift each other very much. It's not that we don't enjoy buying each other presents; we just try to do it on such a regular basis, that birthdays and anniversaries (which is coming up in a week... ugh) and such tend not to be big "gifting" times. On Father's Day, I don't expect a gift from her or the boys. A card would be nice, but isn't really necessary until the boys are old enough to make their own.

So, with that in mind, today was an ideal Father's Day. We all slept in - The Boy and I latest, until a little after 8:30. That's a nice start, considering the relative difficulty we had in getting the boys to bed last night. That's a story for later. We went to breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot, Ritter's Diner, and I had pancakes. French toast is better, but I had French toast last week. We came home, and I played some Final Fantasy while Younger Bro napped and The Boy played with his toys.

Then, the highlight of the day: going to see the Pittsburgh Pirates play baseball! It was a lot of fun. VERY hot, so we moved back into the far depths of the upper deck to stay sane. Mommy brought yogurt, cereal bars, and waters for us; we did buy hot dogs and nachos at the park because, well, you have to.

I also bought a Pirates hat; it's not a conflict of interest to root for the Pirates because of two reasons: 1) they never play each other and are in opposite leagues, and 2) hating the Pirates is like kicking a puppy. They've already been down for 17 years and won't be better for a few more, so that's that.

Younger Bro didn't like the experience much. Grandpa & Mommy alternated taking him for walks. I sat with The Boy and explained a little bit of the game to him, and I also kept score. I love keeping score and have scorecards back to the early 80's! He enjoyed the game - particularly the nachos and cotton candy and peanuts. The Boy would be able to make it through a whole game at this point, particularly if given a wandering break every now and then; Younger Bro is still too little and too squirmy. It might be four or five years before he makes it through. We'll learn him, though.

We left after the sixth inning, with the Pirates still losing. They came back and won, after we got home. We got home around 4:15 and PASSED OUT until a little after 6:30. We had some dinner - I didn't eat, because I had already filled up on junk. Then, we went to Blue Slide Park, which reopened from construction on Thursday or Friday, for an hour before coming home and playing outside. The Boy climbed up the "rock wall" on the home swingset for the first time ever, which was awesome to see.

You see what I mean? A perfect Father's Day. Much better than any tie (which I already have nearly 100) or coffee mug (which I already have a couple dozen) or whatever the traditional Father's Day present is.

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The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

Awesome! You deserve it! Glad to read you had a great Father's Day!