Friday, June 4, 2010

Late, late...

So, as we finished breakfast this morning, I smelled the smell of little boy poopies. It was 7:10, so I still had 5 minutes before I had to leave - enough time to change a diaper. Great. Checked his backside - yup, poop.

Picked him up without checking the front; mistake! He had power-pooped through the front top of his diaper, leaving me with a shirt full of poo. Argh and yuck!

So, long story short, stripped him of the diaper, wiped off his torso, arms, face, and midsection, threw him in the tub that The Wife drew (or he'd have smelled like it all day), changed into a new shirt and pants, and got on the bus 20 minutes later than expected.

And I just missed my stop. Damn.

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