Saturday, July 31, 2010

Crisis Averted

The pee was cleaned up, the children were entertained. We picked up the car, and it only cost us $240. We took the boys to the JCC Family Park, where they played in too-cold water for an hour and a half of so. Then, we went to Don Pablo's for dinner. Not so good; the boys were not particularly in the mood for sitting in a restaurant. It didn't help that our waitress was Slappy McNoTip, the slowest waitress on the planet. Once the food came, they were focused. It just took too long to get there.

We made a try to go to Barnes and Noble, but couldn't find parking spots; so, we went home to play outside. We played outside until 8:00, then bathed boys and put the little one to bed. The big one took part in "movie night" and watched the first hour of Shrek before fading. Only about 15 minutes of sitting with him.

Bedtime, once he gets in his bed, consists of two phases. "Daddy, sit!" means for me to sit with him. He'll do that got a minute or two before getting bored. "Daddy, go!" "Well, The Boy, Daddy will go, but only if you stay in bed!" "Okay, Daddy!" The door is not quite closed before he's out of bed. This wouldn't be a problem if he had his own room; I don't really care if he gets up, plays for a little while, then goes back to bed. He did this during one of the sleep-by-himself iterations in New Jersey. The only problem is, it would wake his brother, who is the lightest sleeper (besides me) in the family.

So, Mommy tags into the match and sits with him. She has the magic touch to calm him down and keep him in bed. He eventually asked for Daddy to sit with him, and then she left for Walmart. (That doesn't happen every night. Just tonight. We're not so much a People of Walmart family, although we do love the Wally-world.) I sat with him until he fell asleep, watching the baseball game on my iPhone.

The boys had a pretty good day, I think. The playing-outside was quite cute. Younger Bro would try to climb up the slide on the swingset, playing with a plastic ball. The Boy slides down (caught by me to reduce momentum), and the two boys play tug-of-war with the plastic ball until the collapse into a wriggling, giggling heap of toddler. Then, The Boy goes back to the top of the slide and the whole thing starts over again. They even played well together in the sandbox, passing toys back and forth while they dig and fill buckets and dump buckets on their laps.

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The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

I love getting great deals, but a Walmart tattoo?! Wow! I've said it before and I'll say it again; you got yourself some cute as heck boys!