Friday, July 23, 2010


Younger Bro seems to be getting his molars right now. At least, I hope so; he's been jamming his fingers down his throat far enough to induce vomiting lately. It's frustrating and annoying, but we think that he's got the molars coming in because he doesn't usually jam his fingers that far into his mouth. Can't wait until those teeth come in, because it is frustrating to clean puke out of bibs.

(Of course, we're not used to cleaning up puke. It's not like we had chemo-boy throwing up every thirty seconds for 20 months or anything.)

YB has been rip-tearing around the house with his walking-toy lately. He does a really nice job manipulating this toy around obstacles, although the lip from the kitchen into the den still messes him up a bit. It does amaze me how he maneuvers it, though. Here's a video:

He is starting to talk a little bit. Younger Bro matches the "SOOOO much!" interval.He also is seriously enjoying pestering his brother, particularly in the car. He reaches over and starts to poke The Boy, until he freaks out and starts screaming. The Wife holds The Boy's hand, and I redirect YB's hand back into his car seat. I'm fairly sure that he's just pestering him for the sake of pestering him. He says, "Da-dee," a little bit, and has said something approximating The Boy's name several times. He does the random "disappearing words" thing, where he'll say something once and forget that he said it. Good thing, because Mommy curses occasionally and the boys sometimes pick it up.

The Boy is loving outside this summer. His favorite thing, right now, is chalk; he'll ask people to draw letters, and he'll ask Mommy and me to draw "Sulley" or "Mikey Bikey" from Monsters, Inc, and Lighting McQueen, The King, and Chick from Cars. It's fun, but somewhat frustrating. His singing is not great yet; he approximates some intervals at times, but he does enjoy to sing. Right now, he's singing the "Clean up" song from Barney. Usually, he'll run and get the broom, although Grandpa is trying to break him of that habit. He's recently starting re-watching the "Classical Baby" movies.

"That's for The Boy!" is one of his favorite sayings still. His sentences are getting to be more complex, getting up to four and five and six words depending on the circumstance. He's also telling us when he's sad or mad, like saying "I can't watch Mikey Bikey with Daddy!" or "I can't go upstairs with Grandma!"

It's nice. The boys are developing interestingly.


The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

Molars = nightmare! I remember those days and I'm glad we're done with teething. The Boy sounds a lot like my Ari - the sentences, being outdoors, asking people to draw/write... Very cute! This stage is awesome, isn't it? It is fascinating how they are getting better and better at communicating with us. One of my favorite things is when she figures something out for the first time. The fascination in her voice is priceless! Sounds like YB is giving TB a run for his money! Very cute!

Elana said...

My daughter didn't have too much trouble with getting her molars...and Dovid STILL only has 4 teeth. (Crazy skinny boy)

We have that exact same walking toy. Love it! Now if we can just get the twins saying one word we'll be good. I don't care what word, but I'd prefer Mama or Dada you know. I think Dovid was trying to say book today, but who knows.