Monday, July 5, 2010

One year ago...

Our family became more complete. Younger Bro was born right around 365 days ago, exactly, and has had one heck of a first year of life. This'll be a big part of the "Musical Daddy: The Novel."

From the blog, a year ago:

"As we were welcoming Baby Boy into the fold, The Boy was being checked into the stepdown unit with high fever and vomiting. He has the same stomach thing that I've been fighting for the last couple of days, and - considering that he's really nutrapenic - he's checking into the Hotel St. Barnabas for a few days. I don't think this is going to be one of the major long stays, but it wouldn't necessarily surprise me, either. The good comes with the bad, as G-d reminds us all the time. The scales balance themselves out over the long term."

Since then:
- Four surgeries for The Boy (port removal, port replacement, scar tissue excision, port removal) and one for Younger Bro (tongue tie)
- About four months' worth of hospital stays for the two of them
- Getting attacked, abused, and emotionally raped in the Westfield Public Schools
- Emergency move out to Pittsburgh
- Leaving my job in the middle of the school year, on yet another "this is the best concert I've ever heard"
- About 45 people showing up on our doorstep to help us remodel the house for sale, and
- the house selling by the end of February
- A clean bill of scans for The Boy
- Cessation of treatment due to kidney function reduction
- Teaching math as a substitute teacher for 3 months for an administration that didn't give a crap about what I did or didn't do
- An amazing three weeks' worth of vacation, ending this coming Thursday with a new summer job
- Meeting an amazing new set of doctors for my sons

What a year! I hope I never have one close to it again.

Happy birthday, Younger Bro. You're a beautiful, fun, energetic little guy, and you've made all of our lives better. We're glad we have you, and we can't wait to get to know you even better.

Funny Younger Bro story: today, we were at the pool at the JCC Family Park, playing in the baby area. YB was playing with a little matchbox truck; he loves running trucks along the ground while he crawls. I can't wait to get "vroom vroom" noises from him! A young boy we met had fallen in love with our big plastic truck and "hogged" it for both hours we were there, and he decided that he wanted the little truck that YB was playing with, to go with the big truck. The other child is almost exactly the age of The Boy.

So, the kid came up and tried to get the truck away from Younger Bro. YB has had quite a bit of experience with that, because his brother does the same thing on a daily basis. YB is also quite stubborn and quite independent-minded, and he was not going to give up the truck. He didn't whine or cry or anything; he just kept moving the truck around, waving it around the air, and the other kid couldn't get it. The kid got more and more and more frustrated, until he finally sat down and cried that he didn't have the truck. YB, on the other hand, continued ignoring the kid and playing with the truck.

Victory for the little guy... uses wits and dexterity to outpace the older child!

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Sarah R said...

What a year!

LOL @ YB's moves. That's awesome. :)