Sunday, July 18, 2010


We found the roving art cart on our Friday travels. The Boy got a starfish painted on his arm and was quite enthusiastic about it. He also made a little paper yo-yo.

Friday was a great potty day. One little accident, but everything else in the potty. There is hope!

The rest of the weekend, not so much. Still, it was a nice, boring time. We played at the playground again on Saturday. Saturday night, we had a delicious dinner at my friend's house.

Breakfast this morning consisted of YB smearing yogurt all over the place. Cute, but annoying. After that, Grandpa and I went to the baseball game, and we watch Paul Maholm throw a 3-hit shutout. First shutout I've seen live since 1997, I think - an amazing Dwight Gooden - Greg Maddux gem that last an hour forty-five. Great game.

Got home to find the wife getting the worst end of the kids, which is tough. We all have bad days; Saturday was mine, Sunday hers. No worries.

Meeting with the Make-A-Wish people on Tuesday. We're training The Boy to say, "Wanna meet Mickey and Donald and Goofy!"

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