Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Save me...

Last night was hell.

Younger Bro is normally a great sleeper. But, he does have the issue of being completely un-soothe-able. Like, if he's angry or hurt or sick, there is no way to comfort him and help him get back to sleep. He can only do it on his own.

So, he went to bed around 7:30, like usual. And, he woke at 11:30 for his normal midnight feeding.

And, he didn't get back to sleep until 3:30AM. This, on the eve of The Wife's job interview at a nice elementary school here in town.

Nothing better to cause tension, fights, and other stuff in a relationship then depriving both people of sleep, particularly the one who does NOT have a caffeine addiction and has a 9:30AM interview.

Thankfully, Grandma helped come to the rescue this morning by grabbing YB and feeding him breakfast, allowing the rest of us a few extra minutes of sleep. I can't tell you how important it was that she did that! Lifesaver, that Grandma - every day.

Oh, boy. What a day today's going to be.

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The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

A sick toddler in the middle of the night feels like having a newborn all over again, doesn't it? Our Ari is sick too and, so, yes, I agree with you. Everyone is tired and not at their best. I hope she gets the job and I hope the babies feel better soon. You guys deserve at least five years of no illnesses of any sort! So hard to keep germs away, though!