Wednesday, July 14, 2010

State of the Union

Here's the time for a status report on the family...

The Boy is progressing nicely. We've discovered that Mommy and Daddy are absolutely horrible at taking him to physical therapy, and the only way that he has a productive physical therapy experience is when Grandma takes him. He's jumping pretty well, getting an inch or so off the ground. He hasn't figured out how to jump forwards or backwards yet. He climbs up some of the ladders and rope nets. He climbs up chairs well, and tonight he climbed up on the toilet and peed all by himself! He's fairly well pee-trained, but not so well poop-trained. He spends a lot of time running around the house naked, which is funny and cute.

At the pool, he likes playing with his plastic buckets, filling them with water and pouring it around. He can be convinced to blow bubbles in the water sometimes, but he doesn't like going down the slides and putting his face in the water. His younger brother, on the other hand, has a tendency to wander into water that is over his head and is much more adventurous.

Younger Bro is big - 33.5 inches and 32 pounds at his checkup last week. He says "Dad" and "Daduh," and occasionally something that approximates "David." He says, "Mum" occasionally, and he does grunt and make other monosyllabic noises. He enjoys tackling stuffed animals and playing with the brooms in the kitchen. He likes trying to bang on the computer keyboard and on the piano, and recognizes Elmo when he sees them and will occasionally sit still long enough to watch some Sesame Street. His walking toy is a big favorite as well, and he has figured out how to get it around corners and over obstacles. He can get it most of the way around the entire house, except for one area that has a between-rooms-lip that he can't get over.

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Logical Mommy said...

YB is 33 inches and 25 pounds. The Boy is 37.5 inches and 32 pounds.