Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Whole New World?

Tomorrow (I guess, technically, later today) I have a job interview for a high school south of town. I'm kind of nervous about the whole thing, for more than the normal reasons. I mean, of course it's an interview and a big deal.

But, I interview well. I have a lot of natural energy and I interact freely with groups of people. I usually use good, thoughtful answers and come off well. I'm fairly sure that, all things being equal, I can knock off an interview well.

It's a tough thing because of the size of the job. I did this job earlier in my career, and it's a 60-70 hour per week thing. I really enjoy my sons, and I don't want to put them behind or neglect them. I want to see them grow up and to be a part of their every day life. I'm afraid that, if I'm accepted to the job, I'll lose track of their lives.

I know that it's a trade-off. It'd be a really rewarding job in a rich program, with a chance to make a big difference in many students' lives. It would just mean that I need to be more careful about scheduling time with them and keeping that time sacred.

It's traditional, in Western society, for the man to be the breadwinner and only partially involved in their kids' lives. I understand that, just as I get that I'm a different person, in a unique situation with two unique children. I know that our parents would be more comfortable with that arrangement. And, the stipends from all of the extracurricular activities would give us enough money for a house and an iPad. (That would be my end-of-year present for myself.)

What do you think? After perusing the district's website, I'm 95% sure that I want that job. I want to wait until I meet the administration, see the facilities, and meet the staff.


JessicaB said...

I enjoy reading your blog as it somewhat mirrors our life. Thought we dont/didnt have a sick child. But I have 3 boys, 5, 2, 10 months. My husband is a band teacher at a middle school about an hour away from here. I got a degree in education. And Im a HUGE Yankees fan! ;) My husband is also a jazz musician and "the side" and gigs most weekends. He too is gone lots of hours because he works alittle further away than we would like and he works on the weekends with gigs, so I am afforded to be able to stay home with my boys. I would say he probably puts in 80 hours of work a week. And while some weeks its hard on me and the kids, we just find time where we can and the kids do well with it. We make special time for each other a couple times a month also, because I feel thats very important too. He is a hands on dad, like yourself. And the moment he is in the door at 530pm, he has all 3 boys at his feet. He is the bath giver the nightime story reader, the rocker, and so on...he gets his special time in that way. Saturday and Sunday mornings, when its nice out, he takes all 3 to the park or out to play. He lets me sleep in, so he can just spend time with the boys. When he has busy weeks, like for concerts, or special events at school, it is hard on him not seeing the boys, but it makes the next week that much more special that he can spend time with them. Its a balancing act, he does a good job at it. I think my kids are doing well with it all. And while they miss him while he is gone, it makes the time they do spend together that much more special. And even at a young age the two older boys understand Daddy as to go to work so we can do___ or buy___. Good luck on your interview!!

Jennifer said...

Good Luck! Not many people know how much work it really is to be a HS band director. I know many that do a wonderful job and manage to balance a family too.

I'll stick with Elementary for now. :)