Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another "Normal" Day

Yesterday and today seem to be that odd thing known as "normal" days, for unemployed parents of two toddlers (well, one toddler and one infant-almost-toddler). There was some excitement, some excitement that wasn't as much fun as the other excitement, some downtime, lots of boring time, and a little bit of sleep. None of it was extraordinary, yet it was all extraordinary.

Sigh. That didn't come out the way I wanted it. Re-reading that, it's a hack-y attempt at a "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" kind of vibe. I'll go with it, mostly because I'm not entirely certain that there's a better way for me to express this confusing concept of "normalcy."

"Who is that?" The Boy asked me, at about 7:10 yesterday morning. "I don't know!" I responded. "It's Younger Bro!" The Boy enthusiastically informed me. "Let's get him!" So, we tramped into their bedroom (The Boy joined us around 2:30AM, when his brother woke him up). The two children played with each other for a few minutes, one in crib and one on the floor. I changed both children and let them play on the ground until Mommy woke up. Sometimes, I'd let her sleep; yesterday morning, she was starting the wakeup process when The Boy and I got up. We all tramped downstairs for breakfast. ("I'm hungry! Want to go downstairs and eat breakfast!") Mommy cooked breakfast while I tucked the boys in their chairs, got drinks, and made some coffee. After breakfast, the boys played with each other in the sun room and kitchen, I did the dishes, and Mommy showered and dressed. The Boy took himself to the potty to make poo, which necessitated lots of jelly beans, a fuss, and a new pair of socks with super heroes on them. The Boy and I rested for a spell, while he watched the Mickey Mouse "Prince and the Pauper" twice. The Boy went with Mommy to Trader Joe's to replenish provisions, and Younger Bro and I played for a while.

After Younger Bro went down for his nap, I went to the JCC and worked out. I've been swimming for a couple of weeks; first time I've used swimming as a workout since the mid-90's. Yesterday, I did a mile in the pool for the first time since 1996. After my workout, we had lunch together, then Mommy left for an interview to teach a Hebrew school - an after-school kind of thing. She got back quickly, and we all played for a little while. Nap time came, and the three of them took a nice, long nap. I did some barbershop work. When they woke, it was dinner time, then Mommy left for rehearsal. Grandpa and I took the boys to the park for an hour, because they hadn't had a lot of run-around time. It was fun! The Boy is all over the place at the park, while Younger Bro likes the playset designed for babies & small toddlers.

We got home around 8:10, and I put YB down for bed. Changed him, sang a couple of songs, read him his book, then tucked him in gently. He smiled at me, turned over in bed, and stuck his fingers in his mouth. I changed The Boy, turned on his movie, and YB then started screaming in the other room. After ten minutes (giving him time to settle down, which he sometimes needs), he came in and watched the end of the movie with us. During that time, he chewed on two remotes, my earplugs (ewww), and a few other things he shouldn't have. Eventually, around 9:00, he settled down and actually started to sleep.

The Boy, on the other hand, did not. He was exhausted but awake. Long story short, he read his books with me (reading two out loud to me, which was cuter than heck, and astonishing as to exactly how much he remembered), some songs, a conversation about his day, a trip to the potty, put on his night diaper, tucked him in, sat down next to him... and the drama started. Mommy came home a half hour later and helped rescue me, thankfully; the night still ended with a huge tantrum by The Boy and some hysterics by Younger Bro. Sigh. The Boy still joined us soon after Woot o'clock in the morning, but that's fine.

This morning, we were all up again together, around 7:15. Breakfast happened the same way, as did the post-breakfast cleaning. The Boy took himself to the potty again to make poo, and we all had nice playing afterwards. Now, Mommy ran to Giant Eagle, The Boy went with Grandma to meet her oncologist, and Younger Bro is sleeping. I'm going to finish this mammoth length blog post, then do some barbershop work. I have to look up 74 e-mail addresses, and I'm late doing it.

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