Monday, August 2, 2010

Cancer Sucks.

Eve's mom, Christy, keeps a blog about her beautiful young daughter's fight against Wilms Tumor. She posted a distressingly on-point rant against the "This is the RIGHT kind of cancer to have!" people. The sad part is, that sentence was our shield against the first round of treatment that The Boy had. We stopped saying that, more or less, by the second round of surgery. Our doctors, in particular, said that quite often during the first months of his treatment.

I understand the rationale, the psychology behind this. Survival rates for type I and II favorable histology Wilms patients is quite good, among the highest rates of any type of pediatric cancer. This is certainly better than leukemia or brain cancer; it's just not good. When "survival rates" and "5-year survival rates" come into a conversation, it's not good, no matter the circumstances.

Still... cancer sucks.

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