Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dance the Dance

So, the boys are playing Legos at the train table right now. It's quite fascinating to watch. The big one is building a little structure, mixing the colors of Legos and naming each color as he adds the piece. The pieces are all the same size; he picked each one of the same size out from the larger whole and put them in a bucket to separate them from the general population.

The little one has the bucket. He's taking the pieces out one at a time. Some of them he chews for a bit, some he doesn't. All of the pieces get thrown onto the floor in roughly the same direction. He watches them hit the floor, bounce, and clatter, then he moves on to the next piece.

Periodically, The Boy goes to the pile on the floor to replenish his supply. Younger Bro occasionally goes for the structure, but the The Boy moves it around the table, telling him to stop, and he eventually does.

Very interesting. Younger Bro has now moved on to new toys. Gotta chase him...

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