Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 1

Sesame Place was pretty awesome. There's lots of stuff to do, and The Boy is just about old enough to do it. He can't got on any rides by himself, but he can go on almost anything with an adult. Younger Bro is still too little to do much. Still, all of us went on the spinning teacups, the carousel, and in the water areas, and I took The Boy on a few other rides. He didn't want to do the roller coaster, and he doesn't like the rides and climbing stuff that's high up. Round and round is good.

Still, next time, we're going to do the late entry thing at 3. It's 2/3 the price, and 3 hours is about all they can handle. We stayed from opening until after the 2pm parade, and that was about an hour or two too long. We could have saved $75 and had a bit more appropriate of a day by waiting. The teacups were the best, this time, I think.

We still got The Boy a handicap wrist bracelet, although we didn't use it. Better to have and not need. His favorite thing was the plastic duck game: pick up a duck and see the prize you won. He didn't play the game, just liked to play with the ducks in the water.

The car ride back north was an adventure. Younger Bro spent the entire time torturing his brother. Not surprising, but frustrating. We're hoping that The Boy is not going to be such a socially awkward target through school.

We had a nice dinner with my father, and the guys in the Dapper Dans were happy to see us. I was also happy to see them! I miss them a lot, and I'm happy that the chorus is successful. The night was uneventful, thank G-d, for sleepers.

Today: breakfast with Grandpa, then down to the shore.

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