Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 2

We had a nice breakfast with my father to start the day off. He's headed out to California to spend a week with my brother's family, so our time was short. The Boy spent all of his non-eating time up in the front of the restaurant, playing with the trucks in the waiting area. I don't blame him; I would as well, if I could get away with it.

Soon enough, Dad left for Cally, and we started the process of heading down south to the shore. Let's see: pack for me; The Wife; Younger Bro; playpen; food (lunch meat, no bread... instant Atkins!); sunscreen; pails and shovels; iPod cords. Got everything? Almost. Left The Boy's clothes at Grandpa's. D'oh!

Two hour car ride, unpack, eat a little, hit the beach. The water was not so interesting to The Boy, although YB found it nice to watch. The two kids really enjoyed playing on the beach, or "the sandbox," as The Boy called it. YB especially enjoyed the taste of beach sand. Yuck.

We played for an hour or two, building small sand structures, sculpting sand letters, burying parts of feet in sand, walking around, and playing Tackle Daddy. It was awesome.

Dinner was at an Italian place near the hotel, and it was unremarkable. Crappy service, good food. We were told about huge portions, so we figured we'd share with the boys. My portion, miracle of miracles, was right around normal. Sigh. Small dinner for Musical Daddy. I made up for it a few hours later, when it was Fried Food Time on the boardwalk:

We walked the boardwalk for a long time, chasing The Boy as he excitedly ran from attraction to attraction, watching every ride and looking at every game. We tried the guess you weight / age guy, and he got The Wife's age and my weight. Sigh. The Boy rode two rides. On both, he flipped out during the pre-ride wait but loved the ride. Go figure.

We also saw one of my former students, whose father was out wedding DJ. It was awesome to see her. She's now teaching autistic children. I'm so proud of her... (Not that I can claim any more influence than friendship, but that's enough!)

Finally, both children slept amazingly well. YB passed out as soon as we got back. The Boy was up for an hour, but all were asleep quickly and stayed asleep. That's the sleep secret: the boardwalk! Who knew?

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