Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 3

Today was yet another nice day. After my blog entry of the morning, the boys got up and ate their breakfast. The Boy was exhausted and slept much longer than the rest of us. We then packed our stuff, threw it in the car, checked out, and headed back to the Boardwalk.

At the Boardwalk, we did little. I went to the Dunkin Donuts, then we wandered around in the arcade. Mommy and I played skee-ball, and The Boy played Skee-Toss. He had fun and enjoyed the fact that he won some tickets. We traded in 450 ticket points for a couple of little whistles and a plastic slinky.

We left when the boys both filled their diapers and headed out to Big Lots to kill some time. Then, we went to Wall and visited with our friends D&S. They just moved there from Scotch Plains, and they have a beautiful home. We had a wonderful lunch and swam in their pool. The Boy didn't swim; he dunked himself twice yesterday and was likely still a bit gun-shy. It was wonderful to see our former neighbors again; their girls seemed to really enjoy Younger Bro.

From there, we travelled to Franklin Park to see D&L. We had a nice time hanging with them, and we ate at a very cool little kosher place. They were really nice and bought fun toys for the boys.

Great bit: on the way home, we had to pull into a Parkway rest stop because The Boy had to have his fingernail trimmed. He was freaking out about it, to the point of a detour. Sigh. 2-year olds... His nap on the way home gave him his second wind. We're exhausted and want to go to bed, but he feels like playing. Wonderful.

Easy day tomorrow. Just hanging out.

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