Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 4

Day four of our trip was actually my birthday - #36, amazingly enough. It was a wonderful day, exactly like it should be: full of fun and friends and family. Breakfast was relatively normal, consisting of cereal and eggs (not together). The boys played for a couple of hours afterward.

Mommy took The Boy to the Valerie Center to visit the nurses and doctors that guided us through the first 18 months of treatment. They were happy to see him and thought that he looked very good. I stayed home with Younger Bro, as we were both feeling lazy and tired. YB went down for a nap quite quickly, and I caught up on some reading.

Uncle B came over around 11. We're having dinner with Aunt L and him tomorrow night, but he came over for a bit yesterday morning to hang out and play with the children. We had lunch, played, and hung out. Finally, Mommy took The Boy upstairs while the rest of us went to Best Buy to get the Kick-Ass movie. (Not for kids.)

After naps resumed, we went down to Uncle P's and Aunt S's house. It was so much fun! They have an above-ground pool, and we spent an hour or so paddling around in there. The Boy sat on a raft and laughed with us while we all played! The only down part? The Boy had a reaction to the chlorine which caused a rash. Oh, well. He's better this morning.

When everyone got home from work, we went to Fuddrucker's for dinner. This is a much cooler Fudds than the one in Pittsburgh, because it has Boylan's sodas and a cool kids play area! The Boy was all over to the play area like white on rice. "Want to play the wheel!" meant sitting at the racing games and spinning the steering wheel. "White and red! Want the colors!" meant playing with the air hockey equipment. He was coaxed up the climbing net by one of his cousins.

Funny bit: we were going to take the kids home and put them to bed following dinner, but The Boy was insistent: "Where's Uncle P?" and "Younger Bro, we are going to Uncle P's house!" It was cute as heck. So, we went back and played a bit.

The kids went to bed without much fanfare or difficulty, and The Wife and I were up a little longer before following the children. Today: more friends, then home tomorrow!

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I love your family. <3