Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 5

Just as anticipated, a nice, friend-ful day. We put a lot of miles on the car during this trip; over 700, with around 400 to go tomorrow. It's actually kind of astonishing. I've done all of the driving so far. It's not out of any kind of macho sentiment; it's just what has happened. Below: The Boy in the dollar store entertaining himself.

Being in the car with the boys is usually fun. It's always interesting. For the most part, they sit and talk with us or listen to the music. The Boy frequently will sing along with the music that he likes. Younger Bro likes vocalizing along with us, and he will frequently echo a lip buzz or his "SOOOOOO much!" interval to us. The Boy will make requests as to his preferences in music. Right now, he enjoys the Spiderman song, Monsters Inc soundtrack, and Emperor soundtrack. He will tolerate the Tubby the Tuba audiobooks and parts of the Cars or Toy Story audiobooks. He has an okay tolerance for baseball or barbershop, but he'll ask for his stuff on general principle. He has less tolerance for the mixed playlists that I enjoy.

They both sleep well in the car, The Boy better than YB. YB handles the long stretches as well as a 13-month old can be expected. We travel slowly with many stops for children to run around. We're not in a rush, fortunately.

The kids don't necessarily interact well in the car. The Boy will occasionally talk to YB and less frequently play with him. Their favorite activity is thus: YB reaches over from his seat and touches part of The Boy's car seat. The Boy freaks out and flails his arms and yells for YB to move away. This entertains YB, who keeps it up until The Boy is a crying mess. Mommy holding his hand helps calm him down; he's frustrated because he asks YB with please and everything to leave him alone. I'll move YB's hand away and play goalie while Mommy soothes The Boy.

Rinse, lather, and repeat. A few minutes of peace precedes the next eruption.

The best are the times when The Boy is asleep. YB will reach over and whack him on the head or shoulder, then cackle his evil little laugh. He does that until we stop him, or The Boy turns toward the other side of his seat, or he gets bored. It's hilarious, but we try not to laugh lest we encourage that sort of thing.

Secret of parenting 101: anything you laugh at becomes permanent. It's cute the first time, but annoying and potentially dangerous over time.

Tomorrow: breakfast with Patsy, then a stop at the Crossings outlet mall for some shopping. Dinner in or near Pittsburgh and home. These two pictures are the boys with Uncle B, with whom we ate dinner.

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