Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hotel: Success!

The hotel was a success last night, thank G-d. Younger Bro had a bit of a rough time settling into the Pack'n'Play, but he slept a solid five hours once settled. We were all awake from 4 to 5, but that's not bad. The Boy stayed in his bed until that point, and a huge poop woke him at 6.

This picture is of the boys wrestling at the Sideling Hill rest area, where we had dinner.

Mom took YB to breakfast at 7:30, and we had little muffins and something vaguely approximating coffee. I mean, it was nice of them to make a big batch on Thursday morning and save it for us over the weekend, but they needn't have bothered. I'm sure there is some driveway tar we can drink instead.

The plan: leave within the hour for Sesame Place, stay until the boys crash around 3, then head up to Grandpa's house. Dapper Dans for Daddy tonight.

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