Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lazy Day Redux

Today illustrates why it can be difficult to plan activities with little kids at home.

Younger Bro and I were up at 7:30 this morning. We went downstairs and played for a while. The Boy joined us at 8:15, and we had breakfast. Mommy came down at 8:45. We made tentative plans to go to the spray park after breakfast.

YB went down for his nap around 9:45, which is around the normal time. His nap was massive and lasted until 12:30. The Boy started showing his tiredness around then, so Mommy took the baby to the grocery store. The Boy lasted about 20 minutes before he was asleep.

Good news was that the Yanks played this afternoon, an 11-5 laugher. So, I've sat in this chair for a couple of hours, with a little boy curled up tight on my chest, watching baseball and aggravating my iPhone thumbs.

But, our day is not really... well... planable right now. Once he wakes up, I have some work to do before a quartet rehearsal tonight for a friend's memorial service tomorrow morning. And, it's almost dinner time...

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