Sunday, August 8, 2010

Planning Ahead

Today was a blissfully uneventful trip. We had breakfast with Patsy and her daughter today, which was wonderful, and we stopped for a couple of hours at the Crossings Outlet Mall. Other than that, the kids were quite good all the way through the trip. The Boy even managed to convert Younger Bro's invasions of his space into handshakes: "Hi, Younger Bro! How are you?" while he pumps YB's hand up and down.

So, now we start onto the next phase of things. The job hunt has to be ratcheted up a gear, as much as we can. I need to push a little harder at the Pittsburgh thing, and we are both going to begin to explore outside-of-teaching work. I might hunt around for some marching band work, either paid or volunteer, to get my name out there.

I also need to start to rethink the blog. I bought the rights to "" and "", which are my wife's and my blogs. I guess I'd like to ask - what keeps you coming back here? What would you, as a reader, like to see? Would you like to see in-depth reviews of stuff that I use with the kids? More brother-to-brother relationship stories? Reviews of television and movies that they watch? Stories about pediatric cancer research or other kids with cancer? Or, are stories of our life entertaining enough?

(Side note: do I need to shorten up the verbage? The problem is, I like to talk and am a fast typist. This leads to lengthy blog posts, even when going from Blogpress on the iPhone.)

I know that, if my wife is the one that gets the job, I'm going to write the book about The Boy's journey through cancer. I figure that it's going to kind of a practical how-to guide about dealing with the cancer thing: each chapter will start with an observation and suggestion about how to deal with hospital life and with the cancer lifestyle, followed by stories from The Boy's treatment and life that illustrates it. I have a tentative outline of how the book needs to be written in my head, and I think I could get a comprehensive outline done in a couple of weeks.

What do you all think? (Logical Mommy is not excluded from the conversation and should thusly comment on all except my use of the word "thusly".)


Logical Mommy said...

"Thusly?" Really?

Aaron said...

Personally, I read the blog to keep up with how you're doing, so I like the personal stories. And the stories of the boys growing up are lots of fun, so I say keep doing what you're doing.

Carrie said...

I love your sense of humor in all the every day stories. I wouldn't change anything about the blog!