Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Still Cute

The Boy just got out of bed and walked into the hallway. "I'm tired, Daddy! I'm tired!" "Yes, sweetheart, I see that. Let's go back to bed now, okay? You want Daddy to carry you?" "Yes. Daddy carry you."

There are good nights and bad nights. Two nights ago? Great! Asleep at 11, slept through until 8, with a brief wakeup by Younger Bro around 3, and The Boy joined us at 6:30. Last night? Not so great. Whack-a-Mole all night long. Tonight? Not sure yet, but the trend is not headed in the right direction.

He's up and in bed with me right now. Sigh. It's not that I don't enjoy his company. It's just that it's frustrating trying to get him to sleep enough. Tomorrow, we're using our free tickets to Kennywood, and it'd be nice if we all got enough sleep.

No job yet. Concern is sliding towards panic.

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