Saturday, September 18, 2010

Book news

So, I'm going to start writing my book, "The Boy's Journey Through Cancer," or somesuch. I'll figure out the title later. I figured that my first two things were to read my blog from beginning to end to reestablish perspective, then make an outline of the things that I want to cover in the book. So, I spent the last half hour or so copying my blog posts to a "Pages" document. And, boy, do I like to talk:

2010 (to the last post): 218 document pages
2009: 309 document pages
2008: 302 document pages
2007: 56 document pages.

For the mathematically disinclined, that's 885 blog pages - albeit unformatted. Let's figure out how to compress that to around 250, with some updates and pictures...

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