Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Emergency Room Redux

So, it's our third non-cancer related trip to the emergency room right now. (The first? The Boy's potential stomach issue in the first month of his life. The second was him falling down the stairs and getting that weird, line-shaped bump on his noggin.)

Younger Bro has had a cold for a couple of days now. Nothing too big, until this afternoon - just your standard stuffiness and slight fever. This afternoon, The Wife used a nasal rinse and nasal suction to help clear him out, because he was too stuffed up to nurse properly. That caused a nosebleed. That bleed took a long time to clear; he was still sneezing out clots of blood for more than an hour afterwards. His fever spiked late this afternoon, and he began experiencing mild respiratory distress.

We're sure that it's just cold and stuffiness-related issues, but the respiratory distress is, well, distressing. So, Mommy and Younger Bro are in the emergency room right now, leaving The Boy and I at home to fend for ourselves.

Do we have any experience with one kid in the hospital, one kid at home? I dunno. We'll just have to wing it. I knew that the little one was sick because he stayed in my lap for over an hour without squiggling out to play with something.

I was going to take The Boy to Eat'n'Park. "Do you want to go to Eat'N'Park for dinner?" "No, I not want to go to Eat'N'Park. I want some cereal, please." What can I possibly say to that, other than, "Yes, sir."

And, now he's stuffing up and breathing funny. Great. Should only be hours before the four of us are in bed.

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