Monday, September 6, 2010


Best presents from the birthday party last weekend, non-gift card division: the yellow Tonka truck that rumbles and rolls forward when you push the button; the plastic baseball batting tee; and the plastic golf clubs set. The other presents were cool, too; but those are the three that have received the most playing time in the first week of 3-hood.

I'm teaching The Boy to bat left handed. I don't care if he throws lefty or right; he could be the next Rickey Henderson (throws right, bats left) or Don Mattingly (throws & bats left). Pretty sure he's a righty, though. Or, maybe he'll switch hit. That'd be cool, too.

Funniest moment of the day: The Boy deciding that the golf clubs weren't for hitting the balls on the ground. He put the golf balls on the batting tee and swung at them with the golf clubs from up high. Very cute. Also help his batting eye? (Side note: does stickball make better hitters, because of the thinner bat?)

Potty training is doing pretty darn well. The Boy, again, took himself to the potty this morning with my iPhone and made poo. It was a big one, too... so I consider myself fortunate.

Younger Bro is progressing nicely with his walking. He pushes himself to standing without using something to brace himself, and he's walked through two whole rooms before stopping. It's kind of the Maggie Simpson-style walking: take several steps, fall. Take several steps, fall. Rinse, lather, and repeat.

The Boy's nighttime sleeping is regressing. We have the same routine for putting him to bed, but he's waking and coming in with us earlier and earlier. It's pretty predictable: as soon as the clock strikes 12:15, he wakes up and joins us in our bed. So, it can be a bit silly to go to bed earlier for the adults, because he wakes us up. What do we do? Put him back? It's tough.

I'm already doing the "chair goes farther and farther away from the bed" thing to get him to sleep. No problems with that, and when my wife puts him to bed, she barely needs to stay. It's the "getting back to sleep after midnight waking" thing that we're not getting right now. It's only really a problem from 6:30-7:30AM, when he's a very restive sleeper and spends his time kicking me frequently.

Younger Bro is doing a nice job of playing with chalk. He eats less of it, and he's actually using it to make marks and lines on the pavement. Pretty cool, huh? We bought, using some gift cards, a big stand-up easel that has a chalkboard and a magnetic white board, so with luck, when we have a rainy day and assemble it, they'll both be able to play with it easily and conflict-free.

Current favorite television shows: The Boy loves "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," which is growing on me. Similar kind of interactivity and stickiness from Blues Clues. Younger Bro will actually sit still and watch "Goodnight Moon" with Grandma. Not with me, but Grandma.

Current favorite movie: the remastered "Prince and the Pauper" with Mickey as the Prince & the Pauper, Goofy & Pluto as the Pauper's friends, Donald as the Prince's friend, and Pete the Cat as the bad guy sheriff. When the movie starts, The Boy always describes Pete & the guards: "They're not nice at all!" The DVD also has a primitive animated Pied Piper and Old King Cole, and 1934 Medieval Mickey short, and "Goofy: Knight for a Day." Very cute.

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