Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting the Hang of It

As Younger Bro starts getting a little bit older, I'm starting to really get the hang of dealing with two boys at one time. It's not easy, don't get me wrong; I always feel like I'm neglecting one of them. But, it's getting a bit easier.

(Funny note: I've got the huge thing of jelly beans right next to me. The Boy came over, "Want some?", to which I replied, "What do you have to do for this?" He ran off to the bathroom to go sit on the potty. w00t sugar!)

Tonight, the rest of the family is off for the start of the Yom Kippur services. It's not so much for small boys yet, so the boys stayed at home with me. Okay. No problem. I finished the dinner dishes while the two boys were playing in the sun room and dining room. I put the baseball game on, and played with the two boys while Mickey blared in the background. When one boy was angry, distraction was used. Younger Bro went to bed a little after 8, and The Boy is just... well, being three.

No problems, no one got hurt, not too many tears were shed, and plenty of tackles to go around. And, this is now the 5th time we've watched "Space Captain Donald." Sigh.

Nice, boring, uneventful evening. I could get used to this.

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