Saturday, September 11, 2010

Home Again, Home Again...

Jiggity jig. Thankfully, we've arrived back in Pittsburgh without anything interesting happening to us on the trip back. One learns, after a certain point in life, that interesting events are rarely desirable. It was a nice, quick, boring trip back. The boys both slept most of the way, with a quick stop for a diaper change (for The Boy) and milk (for Younger Bro) at a turnpike rest stop about 30 miles from home. So close, yet so far.

And now, thanks to the highway tar known as Starbucks, I'm awake. Sigh.

I did just finish an application to work at the Apple Store in Shadyside, here in town. I know that many will look at that as a step backwards, career-wise, and they're right. It is. I also know that, for much of the last decade, I've finished every school year either unemployed or barely hanging on to my job. Let's be honest - aside from the actual teaching part of work, I've disliked everything about teaching except for summer break and Christmas break. It's time to step away from the grind of teaching and see what the other side is doing. I'm not sure that retail is a step up, but it's difficult to imagine it being much worse.

Anyway, the holiday was relatively uneventful. Younger Bro was on his absolute best behavior all week, putting on a clinic on how to charm a room quickly and easily. He played with everybody, smiled at everybody, walked around, was well-behaved at meals, played with toys, tried to eat everything in sight... in short, being a normal, cute, 14-month old boy. The Boy was on decent behavior, except for the potty. He was not great about that, once we got through that amazing trip out that resulted in no accidents. He had five or six accidents per day for the last couple of days and fought like a tiger to avoid going to the potty. It's annoying, for sure, but not that strange. He's in a strange place, with fun people and lots of cool toys. Why would he want to interrupt that for the potty?

It's funny, because I had suggested that we start having The Boy wear pants more often. My hypothesis, partially proven, is that he's pretty good with the potty when he's naked. When he's wearing pants, he's still stuck on the diaper-like feeling and doesn't do the potty very well. Here was our attempt, even if it was frustrating for us to have him have multiple accidents - in quick time spans, like three during dinner on Wednesday - in front of the family and in a strange house. I know that I was projecting my own embarrassment, but I felt bad for the kid. It can't have been easy for him.

Still, there are things that Daddy does well, and things that Daddy doesn't do well. Potty patrol is still Mommy's domain, mostly because she's better organized and better able to get him to cooperate when he's pissed off. I can calm him down and soothe him when hurt or upset, but she gets him to cooperate much better. /jealous/

A shoutout to our new friends, R, her husband, and their son, J, who we met at temple services on Thursday morning. They had an awesome young children's Rosh Hoshanah service, with snacks and games and songs and stuff. We walked in, and, as she later told us, she recognized The Boy and Younger Bro from the blog immediately. We had a nice conversation about blogging and the boys' lives. It was a little surreal, meeting a reader that wasn't a family member, but insanely cool to hang out with neat people. Hopefully, we'll see them next time we're in Harrisburg!

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Rachel said...

It was great to meet you too. I hope that I didn't catch you too much off guard. We had a busy day after we saw you - drove to Philly to see the inlaws and then back home that night. Somehow I need to send you my contact info. and we can get together for something more fun than synagogue the next time you're in town. Though I have to say, that "service" was pretty high up on the fun meter!