Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I had my interview at the Apple Store today. It's an interesting thing, debating about entering into the retail world for a time. I'm fairly sure that it's not a permanent thing, although one never knows; The Wife said that she saw me, long-term, being something like a regional manager for the one-on-one training. Or running a store. Or something like that. Can one make enough money doing this?

The thing about teaching is that all of the money is well-defined in advance. The teacher's contract has all of the salaries and stipends and such laid out in advance. There's no negotiations, no debates, no hard feelings, no nothing. Whether you go to Pennsylvania Clown College for Educators or to Harvard University on a full academic Smart People's scholarship, you get paid the same amount for teaching the same number of years. The retail world, I guess, is like the business world. One asks for and negotiates a salary. That is, of course, entirely out of my skill set.

The interview went well. Pretty much everything that they asked was in my easy-answer file. I think I was charming and funny and professional, and both interviewers smiled and laughed at the appropriate places. I won't hear back until Monday, I think. They probably won't offer me a full-time position out of the gate, but that's okay.

Again, what do I do? If The Wife gets her job, then things become complex. We don't really want to put the kids into day care at this point, particularly since it won't make us any money. It's not a huge deal, if it's a day of babysitting or something like that. Multiple days, we're not enthusiastic. That does assume that she gets the job; they wanted to do the interviews late this week, and we haven't gotten a telephone call yet. That's kind of distressing. I think I put more emotional hope into the job than she did, but it's disappointing to both of us. She's keeping the rest of the week open, just in case, but she'll be able to start substitute teaching next week.

I wonder what the salary is, for a part-time retail Apple Store worker? Weird.

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