Friday, September 3, 2010


With the amount of time these boys spend running around the house naked, you'd think they'd generate less laundry.

At what age does peeing on the floor become less cute? Four? Five? And then there's college, where it's funny again. Go figure.

I find it odd that I can take food that's been chewed only once or twice by one of my sons and eat it in good conscience. I would ne'er have done that pre-babies.

A month ago, the pack'n'play was considered Hard Time by the boys. Now, they ask to be put in it to play. Huh?

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The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

Pee on the floor... My daughter has been doing great for about 10 months. But the other day she had 4 accidents in 24 hours. What the heck?! Best part: one of them was as she was going up the stairs, so there it was, a long trail of pee on our carpeted stairs!

As for eating chewed on food, I have no problem admitting it - you are a better parent than I. :) I can deal with pee and poo. No prob. Cloth diapers since she was 10 months. But eating food that had been in her mouth? Nope! It's the texture!