Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thoroughly Unpleasant

It's not been a great couple of days in the Musical household. Mum and Daddy have not been very well, a combination of poor sleep, a cold, and the immense stress of beginning a school year with no job and no prospects of employment. Heck, with no real interviews and leads on employment. Yesterday, I was sick and out of sorts. Today, The Wife was.

Of course, the kids have picked up on it. Maybe they're a little tired and unwell, also; they surely have not been the same sweet, well-behaved boys that we've expected. Younger Bro has been a terror around bedtime, which is unusual for him. Today, he had a major meltdown at the "Right By Nature" whole foods store down in the Strip District. It was not good.

Yesterday and today, The Boy has been a real pain about his nap time. Yesterday, he had a two hour long fit, which finally resulted in him passing out in Grandma's bed from the sheer exhaustion of fighting the nap. Today was similar, with the two hour fit replaced by four hours of rank bitchiness: screaming at us for everything, refusing to go potty until he wet himself, not eating during lunch only to demand the same food ten minutes later, that sort of thing.

And, bedtime... what a joke. Times like this make it seem like he's going to be sleeping in our bed until he's 15. It wouldn't be so bad, except for his recent habit of kicking us REALLY hard. And, yes, it's cute that he likes touching our bellies, but some nights, I'd prefer not to have someone's hand sneaking up my shirt like it's a prom afterparty.

If I have to hear him say "Stop it stop it stop it stop it" every single time we ask him to do anything...


And, just think, we get to travel to Harrisburg for the next three days and two nights. Fun.

Still better than cancer, but no fun at all.

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