Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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It really never ceases to amaze me, how many issues are caused when The Wife and I are distracted with other things! Particularly considering the whole potty training issue: when we aren't paying full attention to The Boy's situation, accidents can happen. Our morning routine usually consists of taking The Boy's sleep diaper off, first thing; this cues him that he needs to go to the potty. He'll decide if he wants Lightning McQueen potty (upstairs) or Elmo potty (downstairs). If he's hungry, it'll be Elmo potty. If he isn't, it'll be Lightning McQueen so he can get back to playing. This morning? Didn't take the diaper off first thing. He peed in his diaper, and pitched a fit when we wanted him to go to the potty.

So, what's the magical lesson here? We had a fit and minor meltdown, and anger on both sides, caused by forgetfulness on our part. It's very humbling, as a parent, to realize that. It's such a tiny little thing; taking a diaper off is not a big deal. This tiny thing set a few things into motion that caused the meltdown.

Does that scare the crap out of you, like it scares the crap out of me? What are we setting in motion now, that will cause significant and important heartache and issue in the future? What are we forgetting to do now that will cause those problems? We don't make him pick up his toys often enough. Will he be a slob growing up? Will he have significant potty issues because of our struggles now? Maybe reading Neil Gaiman's "Dangerous Alphabet" at a much younger age than the intended audience will cause him to become a serial killer like Dexter?

I'm not so much worried about that last bit, because the other stuff I've exposed him to - Dr. Horrible, Buffy, Firefly, the Simpsons, significant superhero action and Batman stuff - is more likely to cause serial killing... or so the legend goes.

Today, we had a friend with twin 2.5 year old girls come by for a lunchtime visit. It was very, very nice and very, very fun! The little girls were very sweet. Imagine - kids who like to share! Kids who don't spend lots of time bonking each other on the head! (You mean, there are other things for Younger Bro to do with books, than to hit his brother with them?) The Boy really enjoyed playing with them, but had a breakdown after lunch.

It was really kind of sad. He hadn't peed since soon after breakfast, so we made a "we'll go back outside after you go to the potty" declaration. He was content to play inside for a while, which we were all okay with. We might, after all, have enough toys for four children to use. After a while, his body language (grabbing his crotch, for one) said that he had to pee. Mommy took him upstairs, and he pitched a fit. We switched positions, and the girls and YB went outside.

Here's the tricky bit: when I got to The Boy, he had lowered himself from Grandma's potty, closed the lid, flushed, and was washing his hands. He might have gone, or he might have judged it a "good try," flushed and washed. Either was likely. I figured the latter, because he was still feeling a little grabby. I took him into our bathroom and closed the door behind us, and The Fit started.

This was one of those epic fits, where the reason behind the fit wasn't important. He was exhausted and well past his endurance, and he was pitching this fit because he was angry and tired of being angry and tired. It took about 20 minutes for him to work through this, during which he screamed in my general direction and buried his face in my thighs. Eventually, he calmed down enough for hugs. "No, I not rest with Daddy! I not!" he said, as we walked into our bedroom. He was asleep, approximately, immediately. Of course, when he woke up, he was his normal sweet, sunny, affectionate self.

Easy night tonight. Mommy left for orchestra, and I played with the boys for a while. YB decided he wanted to go down and up the main stairs, which he did with my arms around his body. Only a couple of "falls," which was encouraging; he'll likely scoot down the steps instead of climb down them. After that, he said, "Bath! Bath! Bath!" and sprinted for the bathroom, so the boys had a bath. I put YB in pajamas, read Goodnight Moon and Spiderman, and tossed him in the crib. Watch Prince and the Pauper with The Boy, read him Toy Story 2, Dangerous Alphabet, and The Cat in the Hat, and threw him in bed. This almost makes up for last week.

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