Sunday, October 17, 2010

Convention Endings

So, we're on our way home from the barbershop convention as I type - with luck, I'll get this in before we hit the area of Ohio that has no cell service whatsoever. Sigh. Lotta nothin' out here.

The convention was an absolute success, from my perspective. My quartet and chorus both performed well, and we got good, positive feedback from the judges that can make an actual impact on our performance. On top of that, I made some new friends and got to hang out with some old friends who didn't know I had relocated to Pittsburgh. It's always nice to relay The Boy's good news to people who haven't heard!

The best part of the conventions is the nighttime after all the shows are done. Barbershoppers love singing tags (the cool ends of songs, which are usually fun and exciting and sung without the rest of the song) and songs with each other. Last night was no exception. I got to sing with great people until 2:30am, when I crapped out and went to bed.

It sucks getting old.

Actually, that's not true. It was more being overstimulated and needing to calm myself down. I had hit a point where I was tired enough that I was getting kind of excitable, and that's not a good thing for me. When my wife is with me, she's a calming, focusing influence, and I usually stay up singing later and better. With luck, my kids will want to sing and to do all of the fun tagging and woodshedding that The Wife and I enjoy.

It'll be really nice to see the boys again. I'm not used to being away from them, and things aren't as much fun without them around. There were one or two other children under 3 there, so maybe next year...

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