Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Current Events

The Boy's favorite phrase, right now, is, "I not [do whatever it is we want him to do]. I too busy!", or "I not [do it]. I not!", or "I do it in two minutes!" That's his response, in particular, to requests for going to the potty. His potty training is coming along reasonably nicely; when he has no pants, he is really flawless when it comes to using the potty. In pants, it's hit-or-miss.

He's doing a lot of puzzles right now - specifically, some Melissa and Doug puzzles that show some Jewish holidays. He also enjoys the big fire truck puzzle from Uncle Pete. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is still his favorite show, and "Mickey's Big Band Concert" is his favorite episode, I think. Tonight, he was playing with a bunch of metal key rings in a cup.

Younger Bro is doing lots of new things. He's started doing the Sit'N'Spin, which is pretty extraordinary considering his age. The Boy still has some problems with that. YB is a big climber - loves climbing up into big chairs to play with stuff on adjoining tables. The only unfortunate thing is his desire to throw everything off of the tables nearby - including computers, remotes, telephones, etc. That's just annoying.

We've had mixed success getting him to eat at the table, which he seems to want to do. He wants to sit at the black table in the kitchen for breakfast, but he doesn't quite understand how to eat off of a plate without knocking the plate over. Sigh. He's still an eating machine - pretty much eats anything that you can put in front of him, even though he still loves meat the most.

His "piano playing" is interesting - much of the time, he pushes one note at a time. Occasionally, he even plays something relatively melodic. The Boy is not interested most of the time in playing the piano, but still occasionally enjoys taking out the trumpet and trombone.

The Boy's eating is not great, but typical toddler: a few foods, eaten frequently: Cheerios, Shredded Wheats, Egg & Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Noodles & ketchup, and a few occasional foods like meat or chicken. He still won't nap by himself, but he is putting himself to sleep now: we walk him into his room, give kisses and hugs, give him his teddy bear with "The Boy" written on it, and leave.

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Johanna S said...

I love baby updates! Just love reading about all the cool, fascinating, and even the annoying things they are currently doing! It always makes me smile!

My daughter says she'll do things in two minutes two! But, let's face it, it's my fault! I would ask do you want to do bla now or in two minutes? She picked up on it and now uses it any time! She also says "I no want to bla"! Oh, and let's not even talk about all the why's and all the "what you say to daddy? Why you say that?"

We went through the stage where, so long as they are naked, they go potty just fine, but if they wear pants, they have accidents. She was wearing lots of dresses and night gowns for a while! But that doesn't work for boys or in the winter. The good news is that it is a stage. He will figure it out soon. I wish I could tell you how long that stage lasted, but I can't remember.