Sunday, October 10, 2010

Movement Towards Goal

It's been an interesting week over here at the Musical Household. The boys got their immunizations on Tuesday, and they both promptly got sick from them. Not a surprise - most of the time, I get sick from the flu shot, too. The Boy has had a fever of somewhat over a hundred degrees all week.

Isn't it interesting? He's sick, and tonight stayed home from Aunt Evelyn's 90th birthday party - because, for once, we were worried about the other people instead of him. Cool, huh? The down part is that we haven't slept all week and weekend. Even Younger Bro has joined the fun by wanting attention every other hour at night.

The other interesting bit is that we've hooked up with a temp agency in town. I actually have a job set up for tomorrow! I'll be handling out fliers for a tutoring service at a school's parent-teacher conferences. It's not a lot of money - basically, a little less than our cell phone bill. But, it's movement towards goal.

They want me to apply for a sales completion position, which would pay roughly the same amount as my substitute teaching did. The only catch? The job is 1-8 on weekdays, which kind of shoots everything else I want to do in the foot. Lessons, singing, any church gigs... not sure it's what I want.

Of course, I actually have to be accepted for the job, with no guarantee I'll pass the interview. With my luck... hey, there's always that middle school band job south of town, which closes on Friday.

(yeah, right.)

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