Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Pleasant Evening

Tonight, we had a nice, easy, pleasant evening. We had dinner, staggered, between 4:30 and 6:00 - the boys earlier, me in the middle, and The Wife last. She left for her orchestra rehearsal, and the boys played until bathtime at 7:00. They were in the bath for a half hour.

Younger Bro and I read a couple of books together, as much as is possible. In many ways, he is just like his brother: when you read him a book, you get half of a page done before he starts to turn the pages for you. It can then be difficult to finish a story. So, we made it through Goodnight Moon, a little bit of a Spiderman cardboard book, and a "lift-the-flap" book about dreidels. We watched a little bit of the Goodnight Moon video from HBO Family, then he went to bed without too much of a quibble.

The Boy came upstairs immediately after. He wanted to watch the end of the Goodnight Moon movie, and he fell asleep before the end of it. I watched some television, then came downstairs to do some work.

This was so extraordinary, because many of the other Tuesday nights have ended in disaster: children awake to all hours, etc. I think the "secret" is to follow bedtime protocols with both children as much as is possible: bath, stories, songs, bed. Quiet time, easy time. It won't always work, but it occasionally does.

It's also nice, because I just don't understand the way my younger son sleeps at times. He's very picky about his sleeping conditions, and he can be quite fussy and difficult to calm down. Grandma has figured out that some diluted juice in a bottle with a nipple can help. Still, tonight was much easier than I thought it would be. Makes up for last night, when we didn't sleep at all.

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