Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back to the Working World

So, this is my second official week at my new job. I'm still loving it, incidentally, but this isn't about work - I mean, it is about work, but not about work. You understand. I'm struck at the large differences in our lives when I'm at work versus when I'm not. That sounds obvious, but it's more complex than it seems at first.

For instance, my full-time employment means that it's more challenging for my wife to do the substitute teaching thing. We're not entirely sure that the subbing is important; while we need to get our / her name out to the music teaching world, but it is unclear as to any actual benefit towards employment. She can sub on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays without a hitch; Grandma has graciously offered to watch the children, and since she only teaches one or two hours, it's easy to get things covered. Tuesdays and Thursday are more complex, and I supposed she might be available in special circumstances, but not really.

It also changes the activities dynamic during the day. Naptime becomes more complex; The Boy still won't nap without Grandma, Mum, or Daddy, preferably Daddy. If Younger Bro is awake, he's moving around; which limits the amount of time that The Boy can use for his nap. Today, The Boy didn't nap at all, and, as such, was asleep by 8PM. Younger Bro only had a brief morning nap, and he was asleep a little bit before 7. That's not a bad thing; however, it is a little bit different than our normal lives.

The amount of time that I spend with them is obviously different, and I need to find a nice balance between recovery and rest time and playing with boys time. I have a physical job, and I'm tired at the end of the day; but, considering that I don't get home until 4:30 and put the boys to bed three-ish hours later, I feel more pressure to spend time with them. It gets even harder when I'm dealing with nighttime activities, like a church job and barbershop choruses, and lessons, and things. Thursday, for instance, I'll be heading right to a lesson from work, which means that I'll see the boys from about 5:00 until I have to leave for church work at 7. That's a lot of pressure, without even acknowledging my large need for some alone and lack-of-stimulus time.

That happens at least twice during the week, maybe more often during some weeks. That also doesn't factor in exercise time. I have a feeling that, for the time being, my weightlifting days are done. I'll be using the elliptical machine upstairs here, or maybe just biting the bullet and finding a day or two to get to the gym. I don't know. We'll see.

On the "wow" side, YB gave me about five hugs when I got home from work today. He's not usually that affectionate with me, and I really loved it. I even held my arms out for a hug to The Boy, and YB jumped in front of him! Very cute. And, we had a really, really great time playing outside in the leaves. So, it's not bad; just different.

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