Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Everyone's Sick

The entire house, except for children, is not feeling well. I kicked up a fever yesterday afternoon at work, and I came home and collapsed until this morning. The Wife was feeling peckish yesterday, which has since morphed into whatever I have. Grandma's got it, too. Lucky us.

Fortunately, the boys have been cooperative today and not pushed the limits too badly. The Boy is currently napping on my lap, and Younger Bro is having a late lunch with Mum. With a little bit of luck, they'll stay kind of low-key today.

I think that kids, for the most part, know when to push the limits and when not to push. Granted, they're still young enough not to carry grudges and act like a jerk just for spite. (Although we're not convinced that The Boy doesn't poop himself just because he wants the attention.) We'll be on our feet by tomorrow.

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