Thursday, November 18, 2010

Late Night Conversations

I'm just finishing brushing my teeth when the pitter-patter of little feet intruded. Hallway.

"Oh, hi, Daddy! Ummm..." quick look around "Look what I've got! I've got pajamas!"

"Yes, The Boy. They're very nice. Do you need to go potty?"

"Noooooo. Daddy, I did the whole puzzle, then had noodles and sauce, then played letters and numbers, then watched Dem Bones on the computer! Daddy, I have to use the potty." excited scampering into bathroom. Does his business.

"The Boy, would you like Daddy to take you to bed, or do you want to go by yourself?"

"Daddy take you to bed. Daddy, I don't want to go to bed."

"Okay, sweetheart. Good night. I love you very much."

"I love you, Daddy."

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1 comment:

Johanna S said...

What a cute and impish kid! Precious! Love those conversations! And, what is it with him and mine that they just love bedtime?! I don't get it! Sometimes I'd kill to be able to get into bed!