Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lots of News

So, if you've read The Wife's blog, you've heard the news about The Boy. His hearing test was this morning, and it came back with poor results. He is going to need hearing aids, and - worse - we're not entirely sure that the carboplatin damage has leveled off. It might still be getting worse.

(Yes, this begs the question: was the carbo damage inevitable? Was it caused by too much carboplatin, administered by St. Barnabas? Was it caused by the continued carbo given at Children's, regardless? Who knows.)

He will get an appointment with an ENT and a hearing aid specialist, and we will arrange for services to help all of us deal with the new reality. On the grand scheme of things, this isn't awful; it's certainly better than another relapse, but it's not great news. Emotionally, I haven't figured out what The Boy's potential deafness means yet; it's too big for a quick analysis.

In other news, a longtime friend of my family was struck by a car last night and passed away this morning. It's a shocking event that is rippling out through my family, and I'm in a bit of mourning for him. He was a wonderful man who was very nice and generous to me and to my family. This might prevent my father from coming out to visit this weekend, which would be a further shame.

In more pleasant news, Younger Bro has become a big more conversational, adding "Nononono" to his vocabulary. In one sense, it's nice. Tonight, I asked him, "Do you want some noodles?" "No." "Do you want some meatballs?" "No." "Okay." Five minutes later, he wanted some noodles. Very cute.

The Boy has started pushing cushions off of the couch, and he climbs on the couch and jumps off onto the cushion. It's very cute, particularly since he jogs in place for a moment before he jumps, to "gain momentum." He also likes lying a cushion and having a cushion put on top of him, creating a "The Boy Sandwich." Very funny.

Still, it's been a crappy day, and I'm not entirely sure what the fallout is going to be. Thank G-d that it's not something more serious - many kids go through school with hearing aids, and one can always hope that stem cell research will eventually lead to hearing cell regeneration.


Jennifer said...

Hey Uncle Chuck...

Wow, I'm really sorry. That is so unfortunate, but hearing aid technology is really amazing and discrete now. The Student Associate Director of my Honors Program, who I've known since I got into the program and who is largely considered to be absolutely gorgeous has a hearing aid, and I didn't notice it until she told me recently.

Do you have any hearing problems at all? My father and I both have some hearing problems, although I have avoided getting them checked out for about a year, and also both have tinitis (his far more advanced then mine). So I would wonder if there is any way that at least part of it could be genetic?

I'll be in Pittsburgh for lunch with Grandpa on Sunday, maybe you could bring one or both of the boys? I really have no idea how far away the University is from you or what the logistics would be though.

Sarah R said...

Aw, you are all in my thoughts. I'm so sorry to hear about the double dose of bad news. You will be in my thoughts. I do pray that they find a cure/something they can do for deafness. I have confidence in the medical community enough where that could happen.